Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The other bits of my day

Sleep soon. Before that, the remains details of the day:

My morning was cleaning-time in my apartment: recycling, filing, and sorting, all of which needed to get done, got done. (For a certain value of "done.") I wanted my place to be presentable for the folks. We used the handy-dandy GPS mounted on the dash of Dad's car to get from my place to parking near the Keller for Spamalot, a trip that took less than 10 minutes. I later noticed that when the car turns on, the GPS screen first lights up with a photo of my nephews. The GPS finds cuteness!

After the show, we drove back to Southeast and, on my suggestion, had a happy-good meal of Vietnamese and Thai food at Thanh Thao, about 10 blocks from where I used to live. Some of that food now awaits my future eatage in takeout boxes in my refrigerator. It's good food that will still be good food tomorrow. *nods*

And since then it's been relax-time. More of that tomorrow. I'll actually work Monday, but just in the morning; I don't really need a full day off, and I can be useful then...

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