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This time it's Serenity at the Mission...

Things I know are true (for, to steal from Terry Pratchett, a certain value of "true"):

* William Shatner needs to do a cover version of Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping." ("I, get...KNOCKED-DOWN! But *I*...get-up-a...GAIN. You are nev-ER...gonna. Get, Me, Down...")

* We're all naked under our clothes.

* Wikipedia has an entry on vomiting.

* The song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" was written for the early Disney cartoon Three Little Pigs, released in May 1933. It was thus the first Disney earworm.

* The Mission Theatre, once more as this summer closes, will close the Firefly at the Mission screening series on Tuesday night by showing, for free, Serenity, the Big Damn Movie itself. (Here's the official McMenamin's page for proof!) It's scheduled to show at 10 p.m. Like last week, it'll be preceded by Knocked Up (so anyone who comes early and buys a ticket for Knocked Up can see Alan Tudyk in a TV exec's suit). And, again, Serenity is free.

* Dogs are fuzzy! Raven speaks truth, yo.
Tags: firefly/whedon, music, webcomics

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