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Attn. Portland people: Free concert with Suzanne Vega Saturday night

KINK FM 101.9 is releasing its tenth KINK Live CD -- acoustic performances from the past year, released as a fundraiser for Start Making A Reader Today -- with a free Saturday night concert in Pioneer Courthouse Square. And the headliner? Suzanne Vega. If I get to the concert, that'd be the first time I've heard Vega in person.

These are cool concerts: previous headiners have included Tori Amos, Tears For Fears, Jonatha Brooke, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, and Five For Fighting. And they're cool CDs; I have a full collection of them. KINK FM was the first radio station I gravitated towards when I moved to Oregon, and a screenwriter I like named Mike Rich (he wrote Finding Forrester and was the uncredited writer of Miracle) used to work there as the news producer, so I'm fond of the station.

This concert's schedule:
Matt Nathanson: 6:35pm
deSol: 7:35pm
Suzanne Vega w/ band: 8:35pm
Tags: music, portland, radio

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