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A murder investigation (America's Most Wanted working with Pauley Perrette)

As noted here by cleolinda: Actress Pauley Perrette of NCIS has joined forces with Fox's America's Most Wanted in an effort to solve the murders of two young girls. The 21st season premiere of AMW airs Saturday. Perrette had already committed her own money towards a reward for solving this crime, and now she's helping to take the investigation to another level.

One of Cleo's readers cut-and-pasted Perrette's e-mail message to people:
So, it's time...
This Saturday, Sept. 8th, 9pm on FOX is the show following me and AMW all around in an attempt to help solve the two horrible murders of Raven Jeffries in Detroit and Shannon Paulk in Pratville, Alabama.

It started when I put up reward money in these two cases, and has ended up being a life changing venture.

They have made this quest the season premiere for the 21st season of America's Most Wanted. It chronicles my trip with AMW from Hollywood, to Detroit to Alabama and back, meeting with the detectives in the cases, the families of the little girls and going to the actual points of abduction and where their bodies were found.

It was an intense journey, heartbreaking, but very necessary in the attempt to gather more information in these crimes and try and give these families some peace.

I can not thank everyone enough for their support in this matter. Thank you for your prayers and getting the word out.

Now's the final push...
Please let as many people as possible know about the airing this Saturday night. Copy and paste this e-mail, talk about it in your blogs, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, tin cans on a string, whatever it takes. That's when the show works, the more people that watch, the better chance we have of getting the tip that could change everything.

You can read more about the cases at:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Pauley Perrette
Another online note about the investigation is here.

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