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*mentally sings the Heart song "Dreams"*

Glagh. The week shouldn't have been this tiring.

Hi. So I know now that when I dream -- which last night included dreaming about a bothersome camping trip -- I can dream like a '70s movie, complete with film grain and camera flare.

I had a thought recently: Isn't it way too easy to take your dreams way too seriously? Maybe that's part of the reason dreams are so boring to describe to other people; not only do other people not see the images you see or see the symbolism you see, but you're (and by "you're" I mean "I'm") likely to be trying to describe it as The Most Significant Thing Ever. At some level, you're not considering the dream with your sense of humor. You're less likely to see what's funny.

I started to think that when cleolinda -- and if you're not reading her (and by "you" I mean "you"), why aren't you? -- made me laugh out loud with a dream she described. (She and I had an exchange about it here.) And that reminded me of one of the rare times I remember my dream-self laughing -- I mean roaring, doubled-over-with-laughter laughing -- which was notable enough for me to describe here, back two years ago.

So, question: How often do you find what's going on in your dreams funny?
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