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"We shared...a moment."

I watched a nice moment happen at the KINK Live 10 CD release concert tonight:

* Opening act Matt Nathanson, from San Francisco and (at one time) Detroit, said he would sing a song about Detroit.
* Nathanson started playing Eminem's "Lose Yourself."
* Nathanson said "Just kidding."
* A teen girl walked to the front of the stage, talked to Nathanson, and clambered onto stage next to him.
* Nathanson announced "This girl said if I played 'Lose Yourself,' she'll sing it."
* HE DID. AND SHE DID. She didn't get the opening right, but got into her rhythm come the chorus. Then she raised her arms in triumph, she and he hugged, and she left.

Fun show, especially Nathanson (he opened the show, and was a hoot in between songs) and headliner Suzanne Vega, who performed for just over an hour, including stuff that surprised me like "Blood Makes Noise" (just her and her bass player, and that was plenty of good sound). The middle act DeSol was just OK for me, but I'm me; they went over better with people Not-Me. Oh, well. I'm glad I went.
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