Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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Actual thought I thought this morning:

"Is it possible to have a blond Van Dyke? I'm not sure."

(greyaenigma or leonardpart6, feel free to reply with a Spock-with-evil-Van Dyke icon...)

P.S. More profound (or at least less-un-profound) thoughts will follow later...

ETA: Continued not-profound thoughts I've actually thought today: "No, you CAN'T use 1337-speak in a hospital!" Hi. My mind must be in a weird place. (Weirder than my head? Maybe so!)

Additional ETA: I just typed the tea flavor "sweat." Sweat-flavored tea! Please let this NEVER HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD.
Tags: language, out-of-context theater!

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