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Cranky work whining (I prefer Good Will Hunting)

I'd be crankier had zarhooie not called me at the end of the workday. Thank you, Kat; I needed that. (I must've needed to rhyme, too.) With that said, here's why I'm cranky:

I'm evermore annoyed by my current co-workers. The people I liked, for the most part, are gone (most of them quitting within the past year); and the current denizens of my little corner of OHSU are almost always annoyed, cynical, put-upon and weary. As well as boring.

Examples recently:

* The news broke today that the Trail Blazers' No. 1 draft pick, Greg Oden, is likely out for the whole season due to knee injuries, and what's their collective reaction? Laughing and saying "I told you so!" Yeah, laughing about knee problems, which I know from my sports-playing cousins are NOTHING TO LAUGH ABOUT (ARGH), and also laughing at anyone who expressed hope or happiness or other positive emotions about the chance to see some more good basketball next season. So anyone who thought this was cool, in their sight, is a sap, and they're so much better than any of those people. This is a pattern.

Not that they'd ever admit they were wrong if Oden gets over that and indeed becomes brilliant in the NBA, or would pat Oden on the back if he spends his downtime doing community outreach stuff (hey, he'll need to occupy himself somehow); no, they have to be right. And they'll pretend to be right no matter what.

* This morning two of them met right near my corner, and started talking about something gone wrong with a credit card one of them has. This was the WORST THING EVER OMG. I finally thought, sort of defiantly, If they're not working, I'm not working, and I locked my computer and went for a walk. Let them vent somewhere NOT NEAR ME. And I get the feeling (somewhat cynically, I admit) that if I asked them not to talk so loudly, or to talk elsewhere, they'd think I was the one with the problem. Or they'd try to drag me into the discussion. So I keep quiet. And hope that when I do have an issue with them, I don't blow up about it.

* They seem not to like anything. Except complaining. Something (anything) sucks; a kids' party is only notable for the kids being loud (never mind that the kids were having fun; only the cranky adults' annoyance counts, not the happy-kid stuff); computer programs seem never to work, and they bitch loudly about that; it's a cycle of bitching about what they don't like. As I've put it in verse, Nothing works, nothing's right, is what we smart ones realize...

* Their voices are weary. Worn. There's an implied sigh to almost everything they say, like they're expecting the next thing they encounter is going to suck; they're like Napoleon Dynamite when he's annoyed. Even their laughter is tinged with it. And by the way, THEY'RE NOT FUNNY. But they THINK they are. And they laugh. Loudly. Of course.

* In sum? They're infected with cynicism. It's latched onto them, all parasitic 'n' shit, constricting air passages the way the creatures do in Alien. I keep telling myself See how they are? Dont be that way.

And you know? I've posted about this, a year ago. AND NOW IT'S WORSE. At least now I have my boombox and earphones. Seriously.

Edited To Add, 'cause I feel like it: You won't be surprised: the weather's never right for them, either. We had a hot spell (low 90s) a few days ago, and they complained about that; it stayed cloudy and in the 60s yesterday, misting slightly, and they complained about that. That's actually good weather for me -- it's close-to-perfect weather for my Dad, who was born and raised in Oregon weather like that -- but for them, it's simply another reason to bitch. Whine Whine Whine. What, do they want it exactly 77 and sunny every f'ing day? No, then they'd find something else to set them off...
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