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I let myself drive this afternoon. First stop was the needed stop at a gas station's air pump; a couple of my tires were too low-pressure, enough so that I was worried about driving the car. With that done, I let myself do a circuit around Southeast.

I first stopped at the original (and sole surviving) Music Millennium store at SE 32nd and Burnside. I showed up right before an in-shop signing by Kool and the Gang, in fact, but decided not to stay for it. Instead I got two "Weird Al" Yankovic albums to put me one CD away from having all of his original albums on CD (now I only need his self-titled first one) and, because I have Basil Poledouris on my mind, his score to For Love of the Game from 1999. Music Millennium still had a copy.

I then had a late lunch/probably early dinner at Grendel's, the coffee and sandwich shop where local writer/actor David Loftus does readings of all sorts of authors (including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kurt Vonnegut, Dr. Seuss, and Harlan Ellison, who Loftus has worked with in fact). Loftus hasn't done these readings lately because of other performing commitments (including readings of Sherlock Holmes stories that he's doing for a subscription-service website; the site has 5-minute-long free samples, too), and as it's not on my usual routes-around-town I haven't been going to the cafe, but it was near my route today so I stopped. A loaded salami sandwich and an iced chai, plus computer time. And various attractive women (bonus!).

Groceries followed, at the Hawthorne Freddy's (the MegaloMart of choice for the tatted and pierced of Southeast!). Not much to report there, except I got thinking if I'd gone grocery shopping much with Alicia when she and I were dating. I can't remember, for some reason. I know we rarely went music shopping after our first weekend as a couple; I'd lingered so long and seen so much at a Eugene, OR used-music store that she said "I'm NEVER going into a record store with you again!" She laughed, then, too, so obviously it wasn't a relationship-killing thing...
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