Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

*sees the burnt corpse of John Williams* "Oh, great, now we have to finish it with Danny Elfman."

My reaction to last night's Star Wars episode of Family Guy included both laughing and going "huh?" Which has been my reaction to Family Guy in general.

I doubt I'll ever fully warm to the show. The first episode I saw -- evil toddler Stewie wants to prevent his parents Peter and Lois from having another baby, so he miniaturizes both himself and a cool Fantastic Voyage-type shuttle so he can fly into his dad's body and start destroying his dad's sperm -- I found to be half funny and half unpleasant; the show is harsh, and I don't think I've ever gotten used to that. And I think the show relies too much on its trademark awkward silences; those pauses sometimes seem more like attempts to fill time with minimal animation. (You thought I was going to complain about how random some of the gags are? Everyone who's seen the show knows how random some of the gags are. You don't need me to remind you.)

But I do kind of like that it's a sitcom that can suddenly launch into giant fight sequences with rip-roaring Ron Jones action music. (So how often does that fighting giant chicken show up? Punch, Wap, Pow, Boom, Crash! I've seen two episodes where he and Peter start walloping on each other.) I was a big fan of Jones's Star Trek: TNG work, and I'm glad he found this job that allows him to be wilder; Jones spent some time "in the wilderness" rebuilding his career after he got fired from TNG. In fact I was surprised Jones wasn't the composer who supplemented the John Williams score cues last night.

So yeah, I laughed some big laughs during Family Guy's retelling of Star Wars, and also kind of went "tilt" at other parts of the episode.

Any thoughts, Family Guy fans reading this?
Tags: music, star trek, star wars

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