Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Unintended Meaning Thing-y

So the free Portland paper Willamette Week has changed its logo and format, and it’s been hyping itself with radio commercials where the Big-Voiced Announcer Guy (BVAG? Nah, that sounds bad) asks various Portland people their opinions on the new look. Each person – a Pearl District developer, a stripper, a Zoobomber – instead sounds off on his or her slice of the town culture. The most said about WW is when the developer says “You know, when you stand on this Willamette Week box, you get a river view.”

Hey, WW, I know you’re going for the humor of Portland’s different “types,” and your commercials still spread the message “We’ve changed stuff!,” but you sure it was a good idea for your ads to have the potential undercurrent of “People don’t listen to us”?
Tags: portland
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