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Walker on Walker Part Four: Shirley Walker and the Dark Knight get animated

In Part Four of Film Score Monthly's series where Shirley Walker recounts her career, she takes the reins of Batman: the Animated Series -- seriously one of the best filmed representations of Batman and his world that's yet been done -- and the show turns out to be an ideal assignment for her and the stable of composers she would bring to the show:

For me, cartoon soundtracks are the highest level of work you can get, because there is no production sound. Everything is recorded from scratch cleanly and mixed together at the dub. Since the dialog can be pushed right through just about anything that's going on, you find that you can, actually, be more bombastic and louder and more aggressive than in feature films and dramatic television. You have a wider range of possibilities...

[B:TAS producer] Tom Reugger called me up with this wonderful story. When the trading cards came out, he and his three sons went to the toy store to get them. They were driving back in the car, and each had opened their packets. They were asking each other "Who'd you get?" And then one of them would hold up the card and say "I got..." And he would sing the music for the character. And I thought that was like a dream come true for me.
(Film Score Monthly's site was MIA yesterday, so I wasn't able to get the link then.)
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