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I think I should make today a no-media day. I’ve actually seen relatively little of the hurricane’s aftermath; I’ve heard more if it described via the Internet than seen in newspapers and on news sites, and I haven’t even touched a major paper for days, but maybe I can use a little more of a break. Until I’ve done more to help (and I know I can do that), I might simply become angrier and more worried; I think I should find what’s happening that’s good.

I’m taking myself downtown. Oregon Ballet Theatre is having the last day of OBT Exposed!, where the dancers rehearse under a tent in the South Park Blocks. I like OBT. Gorgeous, strong, lithe people; what’s not to like? Oh, and while I’m downtown, I’ll deposit my first permanent-employment paycheck since January 2004. And do a library errand. Ordinary stuff that I’m so glad to do.

Speaking of good news, my new family member Amalie Paulsen (whose first name, it turns out, is pronounced like “Amelia”), is doing well and gaining weight. She doesn’t have anything stacked against her like her brother Markus did, he was born premature and became sick soon after birth. He overcame that, thank everything, and is now a happy and handsome little guy. Meanwhile, my nephews Robbie and Eric love to play Post Office. Their mom Cindy gives them “letters” and they “mail” them. They even get the real mail from the curb mailbox as one of their chores.
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