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My low-key day today included rendezvousing with my mom this afternoon at Lloyd Center. As she does each Saturday, she visited a friend of hers in Portland; afterwards she took herself to the film The Jane Austen Book Club, and after that we ran into each other in the Lloyd Center food court.

(Beforehand I took the bus up there and spent some time browsing, including at the neat seasonal shop Our Children's Store, where the proceeds go to a host of charities. Nice to know it's around; I've done a lot of my Christmas shopping there in years past.)

Mom and I had a late lunch/early dinner at the Newport Seafood Grill next to Lloyd Center. And we wondered what the word for a meal between lunch and dinner should be. Lunner? Dinch? Neither sounds very appetizing...

On the way back to my place we swung by Music Millennium at SE 32nd and Burnside and I picked up a special-ordered copy of Goodbye, My 4-Track by the late, great Logan Whitehurst. I've been listening to that since getting home. I also wanted to show Music Millennium to Mom, because, as I told her half-jokingly at lunch, "it won't scare you." (I still remember when she took me to the former used-music shop Django's in downtown Portland, which was kind of a hole and a mess but which was a store I liked; I got a lot of good stuff there. Its crowd was a crowd of the tatted and pierced and alterna-haired, who I see far more of than Mom does, and she, um, didn't go too far into the place.)

Now I'm home and preparing to be domestic. It's a good day.

I'll write about my Friday night, which was a blast, later...
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