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Well, that takes care of my desire to see live-action robots beating the crap out of each other. Yes, I succumbed to the stupid and saw Transformers today (at the Laurelhurst, at least, so I was more supporting a local theater and not so much supporting director Michael Bay).

I watched the bulk of the film with a not-buying-this smirk on my face.

The pacing is off, the film assumes we're idiots (not only over-identifying Qatar with the subtitle "Qatar -- the Middle East," but doing so twice?), the special effects usually happen too fast (I kept wanting the action scenes to be overcranked so they'd be slower on-screen), and the emotions are completely counterfeit. And before anyone complains "you're expecting too much to want genuine emotions in a film about fucking machines fighting!," I call shenanigans because Terminator 2 pulled that off. Of course, James Cameron A) is a much better director than Michael Bay and B) was emotionally invested in his story. Didn't Bay say that he mainly did Transformers so he could start a franchise?

But OK, hearing the voice of icon of my childhood Peter Cullen thunder over the speakers ("My name is Optimus Prime") was kind of great. Still, that's the nostalgia talking.

I hope the writers of this did a MUCH better job with their Star Trek script. (And if the rumor I heard was true, then I feel good that they did.)

I still agree quite a bit with Dawn Taylor's critique of exactly what's wrong with Transformers, as well as with Rick Emerson's notes from when he saw it.


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Oct. 8th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
Nostalgia and a few good action bits were what saved the movie from being utterly unwatchable. I came out of the theater having enjoyed myself (partly in spite of the film I'd just viewed), but I won't watch it again.

And then there's that scene. The one which goes on too long. Robots in the back yard. You know the one. Gods, cutting that one scene would've improved the movie considerably.
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