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One more "Angel at the Mission?" entry

Here's how it is:

As far as my fellow "Firefly at the Mission" veterans know, the Mission Theater hasn't yet heard from Fox about whether it has to cancel its Angel screening series, so for now it'll start showing Angel, but keep it (Mike Russell's words) "VERY under the radar."

I'm hoping to get to the Mission on Tuesday night (which should still be opening night for Angel) and see what happens. I won't be able to stay for the whole screening -- I can't stay up that late on work nights anymore (I couldn't even really do so this summer, but I did it anyway) -- but if I go, I won't be reporting on it, the way I did with the Firefly screenings. I don't want to contribute to trouble.

I hopes this resolves in a way that makes enough people happy. For now, I'll be quieter.


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Oct. 13th, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
Everything I've seen on television by Whedon has made me say "I want to see more." I'm waaaaay back in line to borrow the Season 1 DVD set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for instance, so I can eventually watch that from Episode 1 on, and I'd really hoped to get into this Angel screening series, but again, work necessities get in the way of that. I'll try to get into it another way.

I've been this way before IRT other shows: Max Headroom in the Eighties, Twin Peaks during high school, Cupid back in the late Nineties (I even contributed to a fundraiser in support of the show), and Babylon 5 (the third season of which is amazing). We geeks seek out such shows.
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Oct. 13th, 2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
Will I succeumb to the siren song of NetFlix? Time will tell! (A friend flat-out told me "NetFlix will change your life"...)

And yep, Matt Frewer's great, in his mad way. I didn't know he was in the Dawn of the Dead remake until I saw it, and that was a happy surprise.
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Oct. 14th, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)

I might have to join the Cult of NetFlix... ;-) And being a longtime fan of the mind-warp that is 2001: A Space Odyssey, I'd probably appreciate The Fountain, too...

What Angel episodes are they screening?

If all goes as planned, all of them. Two episodes every Tuesday, from first to last. The same theater gave the same treatment to all seven seasons of Buffy, the whole run of Firefly (only half a season, but still) and all of Arrested Development. I say "if all goes as planned" (I almost said Bowman's line from 2010, "If all goes well") because of the Fox crackdown on show screenings; the Mission has a good relationship with Fox, so us Whedon fans over here hope Fox will make an exception based on that relationship.

Funny ... I've been watching the past couple episodes of the new CBS show, "Moonlight," about a vampire detective. Reminds me a little of Angel, which reminded me of an earlier show I love, "Forever Knight."

I'd seen bits of Forever Knight; I was tangentially familiar with its fandom. I first heard about the show when I interviewed Mark Banning, who ran a film- and TV-score record label (GNP Crescendo; the label released loads of Star Trek music), and his label also released Forever Knight's music. GNP could afford to release fan-centric stuff like that. Sounded like the show had potential. Good to hear it used that potential.

Moonlight's not as good as either, but it has potential. Seen it yet?

No. I'm trying not to add shows. I have no way to record programs, and I'm annoyingly completist when it comes to series; I don't want to miss something if it has a continuing story. I try to watch stuff I can dip in and out of, whether it's Mythbusters or NCIS (because I have a geek-crush on Abby), where I don't have to watch every episode in proper order.

Now I'm just trying to catch up on worthy viewing I can make now via DVD. I've started to borrow The Sopranos to view...
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