Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"I found my drill... onnnnnnnnn Pill Hill..."

So right now my city's pretending to be exploded. (I want to say "asploded"!) My hospital's taking part in that big, big drill that's pretending that dirty bombs have blown up bits of Portland, Phoenix, and Guam.

We're extra-crowded up here on Pill Hill today, and a triage tent is set up outside the ER.

Some of my co-workers are rooting for the radiation to make people zombies.

And when I started my lunch break I walked outside my building, saw leaves flying in the wind, and thought "Those leaves are radioactive! They're leaves of death!!!!"

Edit: The video link's updated with the noon news segment, so you can watch the explosion (small one) that kicked things off during the drill. No, the explosion was NOT at my hospital...

Edit The Further: Link changed, now that I've found the correct one again. Good, we haven't really been blown up...
Tags: portland, work

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