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Technical difficulties, raisin oddities

The bad news: I'm down one computer. Fortunately I have two computers (connected to different networks for different tasks), and I can work on the working one.

In nicer news, the tech people are looking into what's causing that one computer's problems, and when I put my headphones back to listen to music, the radio was playing "Here Comes the Rain Again" by the Eurythmics. That's one of my longtime comfort songs. (And the orchestra was by my guy Michael Kamen.)

In "Whuh?" news, I opened a box of raisins for a snack and noticed that box's slogan on the flap. That slogan was "A handful of raisins is like a bunch of smiles in your mouth."

Uh...where else would your smiles be? (And if anyone answers, KEEP THEM CLEAN.)

Okay, back to the work I can do...
Tags: language, music, work

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