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Hoping for Better

Inspired by puppetmaker40's post:

Right now, things are tough for lots of people. Among the people I know, one's been in the hospital since the weekend. Another has an ailing cat whose prognosis looks troubled. One friend is about 30 miles from the Southern California fires; he's OK so far, but (Later Edit: his father is a firefighter trying to stop it and also he) knows some of the areas that have burned. Hell, I know some of the areas; I grew up in Rancho Bernardo and near Poway, which both have been hit, and I'm wondering if the places I knew there have been damaged. I'm worried, and I'm at 26 years' remove from the age when I actually lived there. I can't imagine what it's like for those who've had to evacuate.

And there are other dramas and difficulties for others I know.

For all of you going through troubles right now: you're in my thoughts. And, as always, I hope we get to Better. I hope we get there really damn soon.

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