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May God have mercy on my soul.

I have signed up to take part in National Novel Writing Month.

Yes, I AM nuts, thank you. I am also splunge2000, at least over in NaNoWriMo's records.

I've been nuts before. I took part in NaNoWriMo in 2002, and the result is a piece of in-progress madness called The Idiot Plot; I reached -- let's see (yes, I kept notes) -- 14,000 words by the end of November '02, and when I left it several months later after on-and-off work, it stood at 42,000 words.

And writing it did...interesting things to my mind. And I want to do it again. So are at least five friends of mine.

So okay, it's going to be a busy month. But I already knew it was going to be busy; this way it'll be busy in different ways.


(thanks to copperwise for the Scorpio icon that I'm also using as my NaNoWriMo picture...)
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