Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Quick Misc.

Quickly, since I'm starting work:

A) Aonie (aoniedesade) called me Sunday! Bad connection plus my too-quiet-anyway phone made it a hard conversation to have, but we still got to talk, for the first time, and we could laugh about things. If all has gone well, she should be back on the coast to deal with school stuff; her school was relatively undamaged. And we hope to talk again soon.

B) Misspellings are fun: Tuesday I meant to write "info" but wrote "inof." That could be a character name: Inof: Igor's hair stylist brother! Or something.

C) Yesterday I had my semi-regular (about once a month) lunch with my Spheris supervisor, Audrey, who usually works from home 30 miles from Portland. Kind of an intense, if funny, lunch; I was updating her on the people I know who are dealing with hurricane aftermath, and are handling it with both amazingly good humor and huge concern about What Happens Next (please read Poppy over at docbrite, and see both of those responses in action). Audrey and I will be part of a four-person Spheris team doing a special project for OHSU next week, which (we hope) will clear up some ongoing issues and let me not be swamped with too many corrections on top of the rest of my work. Wish us luck.

D) Finally, this morning I sent off two packages of my photos to people I promised them to: My cousin Amy "Maximy" Thompson Walsh and her Auguest housewarming, and my friend Michol and her July wedding to Doug. Good stuff, if I may say so myself (hey, it's my blog! Of course I may say so myself!) I lucked out, too, to find that the post office I dropped them off at was open at 7 a.m., and I could check if I had enough postage. One package needed one more stamp. Better to know this now than later.
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