Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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The Sorceror's Apprentice


OK, Dream-Self, should I be worried? In my dreams last night I created all these tiny living people who A) were maybe half an inch tall, B) looked slightly like Sims characters, and C) were walking through these large displays, like zoo environments or terrariums (said terrariums filled with small recreations of large rolling dunes), only the little people started to walk through the glass of the displays and started walking uncontrolled through the room. I tried flipping an OFF switch which was supposed to stop them, saw them all still walking around and through stuff (again, yikes) then fled and escaped the horde of tiny people, but wound up being spotted on the field of the World Series, which is about the worst way to be inconspicuous. Now if the little Sims-y people had managed to follow me there... No! Must not contemplate! *shudders in Lovecraft-like horror*
Tags: dreams

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