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"Gentle snark ensued"

I think I'm in love with (THE HAPPILY MARRIED, CHRIS, DON'T GO THERE) writer cmpriest for her description of seeing Laurell K. Hamilton speak last night in Seattle:
Much double entendre and gentle snark ensued. Sample:

LKH: "Anita Blake is really very open-ended."
Not to mention the baby incident:
As a side note, for Heaven's sake, if your personal baby is wailing in the middle of someone's speech, show some respect and take the baby out into the hall, would you? I realize that you don't want to miss one moment -- not one honeyed drop of wisdom -- from the speaker, but it is sublimely rude (to the speaker. to the audience. to the baby.) to trap a miserable infant in an auditorium. And furthermore, as we all know, babies will tend to doppler effect with other babies, spreading waves and blips and rippling screams with other -- heretofore docile -- infants around the room.

At one point, I counted four babies simultaneously doing their 80s-hairband-wail. They were like a little Motley Crue cover group, triangulated around the auditorium so as to provide the greatest possible disruption. It was enough to make a sane woman pray for dingoes.
The rest of said entry here. Priest's husband also has a worthy blog on all things coffee called The Way of Coffee. (Further Edit: I know several people who'd appreciate this: Aric the "Way of Coffee" guy describes the coffee corset.)

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