Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Updates and stuff!

NaNoWriMo! Only 329 words today, but I have a story-structural idea. In other words, I know how to write what's next! Or to try to put it more poetically, I can see the shape the words will fill. (Basically I have two characters so far, and I think they get separated in a big way, and they need to get back together.

And if docbrite doesn't mind me stealing borrowing from Exquisite Corpse, I think one section of the story (what I've written so far) will be first-person remembrance, and the other main character's story will be third-person to some extent, limited or omniscient I'm not sure yet. Because I haven't written that.

Birthday! Thank you for the notes and thoughts, y'all!

Tonight! I'm going to Cort and Fatboy's special monthly screening (like I did last month with GoodFellas). Tonight they're showing the Oregon-made The Goonies (the movie that has Haystack Rock on the beach at Astoria, through the magic of film editing!). Before the flick I'll be eating and drinking, as it's showing at the Bagdad theater-pub. It's pub food that's good even if you're not drunk...
Tags: film reviews, nanowrimo

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