Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Portland Theater Rocked by Mass Truffle Shuffle!

That many geeks in a movie theater, it had to happen. I went to last night's late-night screening of the Oregon-made adventure film The Goonies (1985). So did many, many others, enough that our hosts Cort and Fatboy were moved to happy profanity by the turnout. (We had lots of geek-babes, too. Yay for geek-babes! I already knew at least one geek-babe likes the film; now I know many others do.)

And what did almost everyone in the Bagdad Theater do? The Truffle Shuffle. Yes, me too. The hosts had checked and, as far as they know, no group had ever done a mass Truffle Shuffle. They got us to do it. (Approximate quote from Fatboy: "If you're self-conscious, c'mon! The fatass next to you's gonna be doing it!"). We shuffled. Pictures were taken. I hope they're good enough to post online. I sat in the far back of the theater, but went forward and Truffle Shuffled in the aisle to be in the midst of this madness. My torso jiggle pays off for once! ("Torso jiggle" doesn't have the same ring as "Truffle Shuffle.")

We had a fun time with a fun film. Next month (Friday, Dec. 14th, not the first Friday of the month this time), Cort and Fatboy's monthly screening goes evil with Gremlins (1984). THAT'S the Christmas spirit! Hey, what if next year the December film were Die Hard? That would be cool...

I left early because I misjudged when the last bus would go by the theater. Poopie. (I left after Anne Ramsey took the gold coins from the scales.) On the positive side, I got a good walk in -- my habit is to get to a bus-line street and walk along it until the bus catches up -- and I didn't have to spring for a cab! Money-saving done.

(Bonus Goonies content: The Goonies Answer Page, including a 2001 group reunion photo of several in the cast. And I didn't know that Jonathan Ke Quan went from playing Data in the film to being a stunt coordinator. Cool...)
Tags: film reviews, midnight movies

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