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The more me-centric Goonies entry

More from last night:

* I was feeling a little tired, out-of-it and anti-social, so I didn't talk much at the Bagdad. (I wasn't ignoring you, Fatboy!) I got there around quarter-to-nine, sat down, and ordered a curry chicken-salad pita pocket with Cajun tater tots and a small Squirt. Good solid pub food.

* I listened in on geek chat instead of taking part in it. I heard Rick Emerson analyzing the relative "winking"-ness of various Kevin Smith films: none with Clerks, little with Jersey Girl (not my favorite film of Smith's by a long shot, but Emerson gave a spirited defense of it), and probably too much with Clerks II. Good points.

* And then there was Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran (one-half of Film Fever Radio, with both halves of FFR making a cameo in yesterday's Culture Pulp strip (yes, I am a media geek to have all these links)), mentioning that the young women of The Goonies didn't grow up to be as hot as the young women in 1987's The Monster Squad (which I haven't seen, which makes me a bad geek). I checked first The Monster Squad's IMDb listing and then a MySpace page found via Google, and ladies and gentlemen, I present former child actress Ashley Bank. She's a movie producer now. And a babe. Damn right, Mr. Duran. (I'd say "Damn right, Duran," because that's stronger and more rhythmic, but I don't really know him so I should call him "Mister"...)

* My adult-beverage education continued at the show, with a half-pint (just the right size) of the McMenamin's Ruby, which has raspberries brewed into it. Ale can be sweet. This is an exciting and worthy discovery for me. ;-)

* The audience glowed. The audience glowed because the swag swingers who work events like this for KUFO 101.1 passed out glowsticks. People put them around their wrists, in their hair and (with at least one guy) up a nostril. Late in the film some glowsticks dropped from the balcony, like little meteors but with softer impact.

* I walked and bussed home, and had a moment of misplaced annoyance when I got downtown to the last Route #9 stop on the relocated Transit Mall. The printed schedule didn't list a 1:30 #9 bus. Visions of needing to either get a cab or walk a few miles went through my head, until a guy at the stop said one was coming. I hoped he meant the #9. He did.

* ODD STUFF IN THE SKY REPORT: Okay, for anyone else who was in Portland, awake and outside around a quarter to two a.m. last night, when I was almost home from the screening: Did you see something low in the eastern sky? I had walked from the bus stop at S.E. Milwaukie and Powell down to Center St., within a couple of blocks of my apartment, when I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a sliver of moonrise-colored moon. Except that the "sliver" of whatever was in the sky A) was not a sliver on second glance, but B) looked more like an oval, and C) was shrinking. The tan oval shrank to nothing, and didn't come back in the moments after I'd spotted it. And had it been the moon (though it was very much in the wrong part of the sky to be the moon), the wrong part of the moon would've been lit up, just the bottom as seen from Earth. (I know, no "bottom" or "top" in space, but you know what I mean.)

From my angle, that light of something seemed low in the sky above or near Mt. Tabor about 2 1/2 miles away from where I stood. I feel Charles Fort would shake his head and "tut tut" at me for reporting this, or at least concoct some amusing idea for what was glowing in an odd way in the eastern sky seen from Portland, but I saw what I saw. I just wish I could identify it. (I know people who've seen several UFOs; I've had nowhere near the number of odd encounters as they've had.) So. "I offer the data," to quote Fort.

Sleep was needed after all that. Heck, maybe a nap's still needed...
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