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From on guard to "en garde!"

It's easy when I go grocery shopping for me to fixate on the perils of not paying attention.

I just went to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer for my weekend stock-up shopping, wielding a shopping cart, my little memo book with my shopping list, and a bunch of coupons. It was bustling, as is typical, though certainly not as busy as I've seen it (and check-outs had no lines when I went to pay), and I started to think if I hadn't been paying attention, I'd've hit that person, and those people, oh and that someone else over there, too... because all of them were (at the moment I saw them) moving in one direction and focusing their attention in another. Had my attention also been diverted, collisions could've happened. None did, but I started to be a little annoyed to know that that was only because I was being careful. They weren't.

Being careful in a market is really drilled into me. When my older brother and I were not yet driving age, Mom would take us to the supermarket and have us push the cart. The lesson: know the space you're filling. You're controlling something larger than you are; you'd better not run it into anything. In those situations, if we collided with anything or anyone, it wasn't nearly what a road accident would be like. It was a useful lesson, for both driving and for cart-pushing. I've had accidents, I should be honest about that,

Lots of the people at Freddy's today didn't seem to notice the space they were filling, even if they were just carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart. More to the point, a lot of them didn't seem to notice the space they were about to fill, so have enough people and enough inattention amidst all that and there's that potential little accident, and that one, and that one...

...Gee. I'm a little on-guard and obsessed with this, aren't I? It comes from me getting too fixated on the thought that only I am paying sufficient attention. To which I should tell myself: Dude, are you acting as if all these potential accidents actually happened? Get over yourself. And relax. You keep this up, and you're gonna want to start dueling with people: "En garde!!!" you'd yell, as you joust with your shopping cart...

...Hmm. That actually could be kind of fun. BUT NOT IN A BUSTLING SUPERMARKET.

Relaxing is better. Can I do that? I ask myself...
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