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A Saturday of Media

I feel I'm getting closer to "speed" on my NaNoWriMo novel. I did 1,385 words today for my current total of 3,441.

I'm very aware of what techniques and ideas I'm borrowing from what authors. I'll likely have further similar realizations as I go on. I'm aware of my betters. And I'm aware they've all had years or decades more practice than me, so they're worth borrowing from.

I've also been digging myself out from a pile of newspapers from the past two weeks (which I keep adding to; I already have the early version of the Sunday paper, for the coupons and football and movie schedules, plus whatever articles have interest. And I'm skimming the older papers, and clipping from them where the mood strikes me. Which it doesn't do as much as it did when I developed this habit in the Eighties, and became my family's go-to guy for handling newspaper recycling...

Okay. Time to stop looking at a computer screen and to look at newsprint. And then, later, at the inside of my eyeballs.
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