Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And now, music

Continuing to restore slipjig's faith in humanity:

This morning 94.7 KNRK's Greg Glover ran the regular feature "Eight at Eight," where a theme connects eight songs in a row, and today's theme was a Daisy Chain: the first letter of the next band that played was the same as the last letter of the previous band, starting with Beck. Greg asked for listeners to call in and choose the bands.

It's possible with that set-up that the band choices will be really obvious, but I'm proud of what the listeners came up with: after Greg's choice of Beck ("New Pollution"), the next bands were K's Choice ("Not An Addict"), Elastica ("Connection"), Arctic Monkeys ("I Bet You Look on the Dance Floor"), Snow Patrol ("Shut Your Eyes"), The La's ("There She Goes"), Simple Minds ("Don't You Forget About Me"), and The Smithereens ("With a Girl Like You").

I'm with slipjig on this: you have the chance to request a song, request something interesting! Boldly interesting, even!
Tags: music, radio

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