Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Additional Goodness

More of what’s happy-causing:

Turns out the Trader Joe’s straight down the bus line from my place has the lowest price milk in my area. I was meaning to shop there more…

I did mucho walking today, both to work up a sweat (this morning) and to stretch my legs in general (this afternoon). I ran an errand downtown, then boarded a bus to the purty, purty, purty St. Johns Bridge and the St. Johns neighborhood. Then more walking and bussing to get home. I logged a few miles total and saw nice sights. I’ll really be ready for dinner and rest…

And my current book, Lonesome Dove, has some wonderful characters and language. A lot of you knew that already, but I’m happy to know it for myself.
Tags: books, peregrinations, portland

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