Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Meme A Little Meme of Me (uh, yeah)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beatles:
    Like Shakespeare, the Beatles really knew everything...
  2. caitlin r. kiernan:
    Introduced via Neil Gaiman (hey! see below!) linking to her because of her part in trying to save Farscape. What made me fall for her work was my first reading of From Weird and Distant Shores and my second reading of Threshold. I must hear her in person someday. I must.
  3. danny elfman:
    Who I played loudly in my bedroom during high school (esp. "Attack of the Batwing"). My dreams should be scored by him.
  4. dreaming:
    And speaking of dreaming... I'm blessed with vivid dreams and only very rare nightmares. I accept the dreams and go on through them.
  5. hiking:
    I need to do this more. Hiking boots can fit in my budget now!
  6. lemony snicket:
    It grieves me to have to convey to you the pitiful travails of the three beset-upon-by-misfortune Baudelaire siblings, a word which here means "the three children born of the same mother and father who were tragically taken from this world in regretfully suspicious circumstances"... and maaaaaaaaaan, I loves the opulent writing stuff. Word. (Edited to Add: Actually, it could be either "regretfully suspicious" or "suspiciously regretful"...)
  7. matt groening:
    Hometown pride! A true Northwest smart-ass. You'll be surprised at how intense the collection Childhood Is Hell is if you read it again; he is one of those needed people who remember, really remember, the weirdness and troubles of childhood. My grandpa Irv had dealings with Matt's dad Homer Groening in the Portland advertising world.
  8. neil gaiman:
    The first fairy godfather since I played one. (Long story.) Shockingly talented, shockingly nice. And he keeps surprising us, in good ways.
  9. photography:
    I've been photographing since 1984. I've done it for pay and for pleasure. Now to get my photos even more organized...
  10. terry gilliam:
    I must come clean! I was first attracted to Terry Gilliam due to violence and sex! Violence: seeing the giant emerge from the sea and crush the house in Time Bandits. Sex: Terry's animation of the Mona Lisa baring her breasts. Brazil bewildered me at first, until the third-to-last shot (I don't want to give anything away), but I watched it again. And again. And his other works, too. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a major contender for Favorite Movie Of My Life. I based my college thesis on The Fisher King. I interviewed two of his composers. I imitate his giggle. I felt actual pain when The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and Good Omens fell through. But no matter what, he always stays compelling; even his worst work has spark and wonder.

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