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We've got wind. Forecast is for gusts up to 50 mph in the Willamette Valley, and gusts around 80 to 90 on the coast. I hear the wind as I wake up and type this.

Interesting dream imagery last night: I went on an unauthorized, off-season hike up to and over the high southern rim of Mt. St. Helens's crater. On that side I found foliage (which doesn't exist inside the crater) and a two-story manufactured home (which definitely doesn't exist there, either). I wormed my way in via a window. The inside of the house was a too-neat collection of furnishings, like a showcase house, but with (no surprise) spectacular views out its windows.

And the dream's ending? Someone else was in the house, some man at a computer. This spooked me; I said "Um, excuse me, I'll leave," but he never pulled his attention from the computer.

I woke up with a case of the me-no-wannas, and took a while to extricate myself from bed. I'm not even in bed with anyone, other than the sweet warmth under my blankets; imagine how much I'll want to be in bed when I'm there with someone. Someone else warm.
Tags: dreams, portland

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