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Frank Darabont talks The Mist

My issues with Ain't It Cool News aside, the fact that Frank Darabont is comfortable enough with them to give cool interviews is, well, cool.

Here Darabont and special effects guy Greg Nicotero discuss the film adaptation of Stephen King's novella The Mist, shot quickly and cheaply and allowing Darabont a chance to revisit horror for the first time in years. The conversation also goes into his (should be happening) film version of Fahrenheit 451 and -- this would rock my world if done and done well -- a possible adapation of King's Bachman book The Long Walk:
DARABONT: Long Walk, if anything, would probably be even more low budget [than The Mist], because talk about something that would benefit from this sort of documentary approach to things… It would be this weird mixture of Steve King populist story slash, God help me for saying this, art house movie, because it’s such a unique piece and it’s not particularly plot driven at all, but an incredibly compelling character thing. I don’t know that I would have as much to add to that as I have to The Mist, even. That would be a pretty faithful adaptation and I don’t know that it wants to be particularly slick. If you wind up changing things too much and you wind up making it too slick and suddenly it turns into Running Man, which really would have benefited from not going slick…
Note: I skimmed parts of the chat so as not to know too much going in to the film (I've yet to read The Mist, but I own two anthologies where it appeared, so by Gum I'll be able to read it!), and it might give more details about the story than you want to know.

The Later Edit: I meant to add this. Frank Darabont told Sci Fi Wire that he changed The Mist's ending. He also said that when he told Stephen King how the film ended, King replied "If I'd thought of it, I'd have used it in the story."
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