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I feel listless. I don't really want to be working...or, more to the point, I don't really want to be listening to other office dwellers who find new and exciting ways to be annoyed and cynical and complainatory. (I know that's not a word. I don't care.) I've said it before, it's sometimes like working with a bunch of Napoleon Dynamites here. And if I was as loud and constant a complainer as they are, I'd get in trouble, in the insincere "We're concerned about how you're fitting in here..." way.

On the positive side, last night was nice. I finished work early to run a bank errand, then I took myself first to Powell's and then to the Virginia Cafe for a steak salad. I let myself spend!

11:37 a.m. edit: And in other news, I have a new company computer. Which is missing the particular program needed to let me log onto my company's network, which is one of the f'ing reasons I needed a new company computer in the first place.
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