Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dreaming at a Remove

First, a reminder: You can sponsor my friend's Dec. 1st Polar Bear Plunge!

Odd revision of a regular dream of mine last night. One of my recurring dream-locations is a hilly, compact big city, like a combination of San Francisco and Seattle (think lots of water, lots of elevated freeways, and a big-ass airport). I was in that city last night, but watching a film showing that city destroyed by some disaster. Lots of damage, lots of dust, lots of emergency vehicles, and lots of (apparently sick and dying) people following some young guy (kind of a Donnie Darko type) who somehow is immune and undamaged, and therefore may (MAY) be a savior or the most important person in the city now. Or something. I didn't see enough of the movie to be sure. a way, was I dreaming about a dream? Hmm...

To change subjects abruptly, I'm going to Eugene today. Visit friend/former girlfriend Alicia, her mom Hope, and cats, including a very cuddle-hungry kitten. I'm in the mood for a road trip.
Tags: dreams

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