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Not wetless, but not witless!

This worked: Riding OHSU's tram down to South Waterfront and the streetcar station, and taking that to the stop across from downtown's Central Library. Result: I dropped off material at the library after work, an errand along a path a mile-and-a-half long as the crow flies, and spent only a little time in the rain to get there. The rest of my commute: wetter, but I accepted that and went on. I'm home now, warmifying and decompressing and glad I'm not at the muddy Miami-at-Pittsburgh NFL game. (Fans are actually shirtless in that???)

I wasn't expecting rain today. On the positive side, Portland's actually warmer now -- at least "no longer worried it'll freeze" warmer -- than this morning.

More profounder words aren't coming, like I hoped they would. Oh, well. Close this entry I shall...
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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