Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Unclean! Unclean!

The excitement often stops here….

Today has been a day of sweats and cleaning. (I was going to say “sweats and sweating,” but I haven’t done enough of that.) Many surfaces have been wiped. Smelly things have been soaked and scrubbed to become more nicely odiferous. I’ve detached and shaken my keyboard to get dust bunnies and hair out of it. I’d vacuum, if I could find the building’s vacuum cleaner. I used old alcohol wipes, one of which was still moist, the others as moist as Fuzzy Wuzzy was fuzzy, if you know what I mean, but I still found uses for them.

Tomorrow I endeavor to meet, or at least hear, Neil Gaiman. Before that, I’ll work; before that, I’ll drive to the airport and leave a family car for my aunt and uncle to use after flying back here.

I’m arranging a nice trip: I’ve bought train tickets for Alicia, my friend and Former Significant Other (or, as I call her, the F.S.O. – sounds military-ish, doesn’t it?). She’ll ride from Eugene to Portland Saturday the 22nd, and we’ll go see MirrorMask, the first film written by Neil Gaiman to get made. It’s in limited release (meaning “not yet in Eugene”) and will have reached Portland by then, and we had vowed to see it. Thanks to some “mad money,” I could splurge for a trip for Alicia, plus she will get to see her weeks-old nephew, in Hillsboro over the river and hills from here. Movies and babies: for some people, those are the Best Things In Life.
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