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I am going to try to review The Mist.

This review will require profanity...

Holy shit.

See The Mist.

Holy shit.

See The Mist.

Holy shit.

So, yeah. Go see Stephen King's The Mist, the first horror film Frank Darabont's been involved in for over a decade, a period where he's learned a lot about how to affect an audience emotionally (this is the Shawshank Redemption guy we're talking about here) and he uses that to...mess with you.

So I should clarify. Don't see the film if you're in a bad emotional place right now. It is beyond tough. It is bleached-bone bleak, with music like the world is ending. No lie, I came close to crying a couple of times near the end. I'm glad I could be by myself for the half-hour I walked along Holgate, waiting for the #17 bus to arrive. I needed time to get my head back on straight. Yeah; the film affected me. When a low-budget horror film is making me think at times of Apocalypse Now (!), I know it affected me.

No spoilers. Quick thoughts:

* Thomas Jane as main character David Drayton has a kind of Nathan Fillion quality here: a decent man who could come off as intimidating, but only if he needs to. Someone you want on your side, in other words. You'd want to be on his good side, too.

* Very strong cast, including some people I'd been unaware were in it, but who made me perk up upon seeing them.

* The way the titular mist vaguely, barely reveals the...the things that take over Castle Rock, Maine is an effect I don't see enough of, but the effect is very well used here. You see just enough to know to be scared, or at least unsettled.

* What I said about how bleak the film is? The ending's bleaker. Trust me.

* I'm sure Stephen King appreciates the joke of naming a pharmacy after him...
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