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A hard rain's gonna fall...

Hi. I'm having a quiet weekend. Good time to have one, with the cold wet having arrived: my neighborhood's had near-freezing rain, and other parts of the Portland area have gotten snow in the last 24 hours.

The highlight of my weekend so far has been seeing The Mist (which led me to swearing, in a good way), and having a quick and nice chat with Mike Russell right beforehand. He was leaving a screening of Awake (his feelings on which can be found here) as I was waiting to go into The Mist, and we wound up talking about work, movies (like our conflicting feelings on Beowulf, which I was mixed-to-positive on and which he liked), exercise, our wanderings around the OHSU campus, and what it's like to relate to kids. Yeah, a quick chat, but it covered a lot.

Yesterday I ran errands via my car (so I didn't really run per se, but you know what I mean) and then lollygagged at home. I missed the start of the UO Ducks-Oregon State Beavers Civil War game, and when I tuned in the game wasn't close (Beavers ahead by two touchdowns). It got close, though, I'm glad to say. How close? Two overtimes, with the Beavers ultimately winning by a touchdown. So neither side rolled over, which is a victory of sorts. Ah, the Ducks can be brilliant, and they can be mediocre, often in the same game...

Oh, and my friend philly420pdx called briefly last night from Hawaii's big island, where he and his wife live. Work and life go well for both of 'em, plus they're doing so in 80-degree weather and blue skies smilin' on them...

To change subjects abruptly (as my family members say), I was thinking of doing a post just listing various well-known women I find attractive, with visual aids even, but I'd be stealing bandwidth to do so (and I don't know how to host any image larger than an LJ icon on my computer). And just listing names wouldn't have the same impact. So let's just say the women's initials! E.D., R.S., R.D., C.G., C.K., and B.D.H. Mmmm...
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