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A football question, and related football thoughts

As Blur didn't sing, Give me football and TV, easily...

First off, I'm glad Seattle pulled off today's win. I'm also glad Washington played with heart and made sure to honor the late Sean Taylor. Game losses aren't as important as loss of life, or remembering those we've lost.

I'm in a football-thinking mood. And I have questions:

How is TV coverage of games assigned? Do CBS and Fox each cover a specific conference, i.e. CBS gets the AFC and Fox the NFC? Does it vary? And if the networks are assigned conferences, does that change season to season? And how are the NBC Sunday night games and ESPN Monday Night Football games assigned?

I'm asking because generally I've been happier with CBS's football coverage than Fox's. Fox gets too loud for my taste, and the anchors and announcers seem to be trying too hard to be clever, which is a wit-killer; meanwhile, the CBS coverage team seems to be having fun more naturally, especially with James Brown as the anchor. (I like James Brown. So do DJs Don and Mike. They talk to him a lot.) And I get the sense I'll actually learn more about the game from watching CBS than from watching Fox.

By the way, I'm also really split on NBC's Football Night in America; I find it waaaaaaaaaay overly flashy, like the vestiges of the XFL are still lingering. (And by the way, the XFL is still lingering, online here and here. This kind of amuses me.) Al Michaels and John Madden seem too scripted, like they're not really cutting loose and showing what they know. It didn't help that, in my opinion, last year's first few games on NBC were lame, so the gigantic amount of sizzle NBC was selling didn't match the steak. (A sign of my not responding well to the show? The first season, I'd tune out the opening song by the singer Pink. AND I LIKE PINK. This year it's Faith Hill, and I have no feeling one way or another about Hill, so I have even less reason to watch the opening.) I actually kind of miss the mid-90s, where NBC's NFL coverage was a little more gentle (with that Gettysburg-style theme music by Randy Edelman; I can still hum that!).

At least Monday Night Football remains reliable (yay Tony Kornheiser! And I like that Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon do the mini-version of their show Pardon The Interruption at halftime). I think the show's recovered from its bizarre Dennis Miller period. (I remember the game on Sept. 10th, 2001, at Denver. Miller made a pregnant chad joke.)

So anyway, I had some football thoughts that I found worth noting. Answers are appreciated.
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