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Two late nights. Too-late nights.

Tuesday and Wednesday: long days both. (I really should have napped Wednesday afternoon.) Both nights I went to the Mission Theater and Pub for digitally-projected TV shows: Angel on Tuesday, the original UK The Office on Wednesday. Both weekly screenings start at 10:00 p.m. That's sometimes my bedtime. (How exactly did I manage those showing times with Firefly this summer? I got old that quickly?)

To give extra support to the Mission's Angel showings (which can't really be advertised; long story), I showed up early and bought a ticket to The Bourne Ultimatum, even though I'd missed all but the last 40 minutes. What I saw, I liked, but it'd be ridiculous to review the film based on maybe 2/5ths of it. That also gave me time to get dinner from the Mission (a grilled turkey-mushroom-pepper sandwich, the special, and a Porter because I've let myself loosen up about drinking). I had the time to watch one episode of Angel (though I was fading near the end of it), then went on a long walk until one of my buses caught up with me so I could ride it home.

Last night I saw two of the three screened episodes of The Office, and laughed needed laughs (and ate more snack-y stuff: popcorn and Kit-Kats, with root beer). Ah, the joys of comedy that comes from Le Awkward. Again, I left early so I wouldn't miss the bus, and rode the #17 home. A young woman got onboard and soon was singing Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good." She had a decent voice, too.

But okay, NO late-night excursioning for me now! Tonight is get-more-sleep night.
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