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Humor for good (another post related to Project Erin)

First off:

Project Erin - A click a day saves a life

Next, this related news:

cleolinda, the creator of the parody site Movies in Fifteen Minutes, is the person who let me know about Erin, Project Erin and projectdownload.

And now she's doing something special for Erin: she's writing a "The Golden Compass in Fifteen Minutes" parody that she'll post Monday for download. (cleolinda saw the film at last week's sneak preview, and loved it.) Downloading that particular parody will give more download points to Project Erin and get Erin closer to her goal of 5 million points. (She explains more at the m15m link.) (Later: cleolinda decided to wait until Tuesday to post it, after she's seen the film again Monday.)
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