Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hi, I'm boring.

My desire to talk about myself is butting up against my feeling that I don't have anything personal to talk about right now.

Oh, I can talk about dreams! Last night they were set in a dream-New York I've dreamed about at least once before; basically imagine Manhattan, but tilted, like it has a substantial hill. 9/11 conspiracy theorists were protesting, and I was riding a bus trying to maneuver past their crowd. A basement classroom with cryptic painted instructions on the floor also appeared. (A tiny basement in New York. Must've been a budgetary move. Usually my dreams are more lavish than that.)

Tomorrow night I'll go to the Bagdad Theater for an 11:00 p.m. showing of Gremlins, one of two Steven Spielberg productions that caused the uproar that gave us the PG-13 rating (the other being Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Last night I tried to call in to Cort and Fatboy's weekly movie contest, "Stump the Movie Douche," to get a pass to it. I called in too late, but still the ticket's only three bucks. I can swing that.

"Stump the Movie Douche" involves callers calling in and naming two actors; Fatboy has to answer with a film both actors were in. Hearing the normally nice-guy'ed Fatboy get profanely annoyed when callers stump him (like the one who said Rick Moranis and Cheech Marin were both in the same film, Ghostbusters 2) is priceless; even more priceless is when he catches someone trying to cheat. One of these days he's going to yell a Kirk-style "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" at someone who does that...

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