Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Catching Up

Business about me and surrounding me:

My fellow Sellwood House resident Rebecca is preparing to move to New York City next month. She spent this weekend selling as many of her belongings as possible; she plans to go with two suitcases of stuff and that’s it. So I bought several CDs, a book, a tape measure, a cushion and three black-and-white photos which she shot, and I’m thinking hopeful thoughts for her. Damn and wow, that’s an adventure – especially considering she’s never been to New York. Her good friend (and Sellwood House manager) Jill has family there, though, giving her at least one point of contact (and a couch to crash on).

While Rebecca sold stuff, I washed stuff. I went to Dundee, visited my folks and my Aunt Nancy Weare, and did four loads of laundry. We also figured out some more details about the trip we’re all about to take, to Lake Tahoe for Stephanie and Paul’s wedding Saturday. We’re all a little stunned how soon it’s going to happen. I leave Friday; Mom and Dad start road-tripping Wednesday afternoon. Yes, they can afford the gas.

I saw Serenity Friday night, and enjoyed it. My other entry tonight is some attempt to explain why. ;-)

I began my workweek today. I’ll work through Thursday, to get to 40 hours or nearly 40 hours in the office this week and still have Friday free for my plane trip to Reno.

This entry is jumping around, like my thoughts. Maybe it’s time to go to bed.
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