Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Memories of Bagdad (the theater pub)

Backtracking to last night, when I went to watch Gremlins:

* I had a good burger when I first arrived ('round 8:15) at the not-yet-too-busy Bagdad Theater Pub. I'd sat down at a table for four, as plenty of tables were available (inside; plenty were available outside, too, but I was a wuss wanting to be in where it was warm). Eventually such tables weren't, and as I was wrapping up my meal a group of three arrived, and looked table-less and sad. I let them know they could take my table. They thanked me vociferously. I joked, "All you needed was a flag," and they laughed, (Okay, now that I'm referencing Eddie Izzard I'd better start actually watching his stuff...)

* I was likely the only person in a pub anywhere Friday night who was reading a volume of The Diary of Anais Nin. I keep getting knocked out by the elegance of her writing in it, and that was writing she banged out quickly. Someone else whose novels I need to read!

* I almost paid seven dollars for what was supposed to be a beer. I'm glad I realized that that wasn't a likely beer price. Turned out that when I ordered the Black Rabbit Porter, the cashier had thought I'd ordered a similarly named wine. We straightened that out before she got my drink. Gremlins ain't exactly a wine movie...

* Noticed in my conversations with radio DJs Cort and Fatboy: I find myself starting to talk both faster and clearer when around them. Their job requires them to be clear and quick when they speak, with a minimum of "uhs" and "duhs." (Radio DJs should have a pick-up line: "Hey, baby, I'm good with my tongue!") I feel the need to keep up with them when talking to them. So: you think I already speak fast? I can speak faster. Fear.

* Cort was nice enough to divulge to me some of the upcoming Midnight Movies he and Fatboy will be showing. They'll reveal those on air in time, but I'll say this: they're bound to have real fun advertising them. Real evil fun.

* Fatboy (real name: Robert Roberts. I swear I'm not making this up) just had a birthday, and he geeked out in the restaurant over one gift: a Star Wars pop-up book, complete with tiny glowstick lightsabers that pop out. COOL.

* That burger I had? A Captain Neon Burger, with blue cheese. It is, if I remember correctly, one of Harlan Ellison's favorite burgers. In fact, when he was working with Dark Horse Comics on Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor, he'd make sure to visit a particular McMenamin's pub and get his preferred burger. I'll follow him in his gastronomic recommendations; I just hope I don't follow him to a heart attack!

* After the film, I'd planned to take the bus to downtown and then hop a #9 to my neighborhood. But I was feeling energized enough even at 1:30 to walk from the bus stop at SE 11th and Madison to my neighborhood, first the Fireside Coffee Lodge on my neighborhood's north end (where I had an Italian Soda for dessert) and then to my abode. That exertion likely helped my sleep. Plus if I had walked straight home, I'd likely have beat the bus. I'll need to remember that for future late-night Bagdad visits.
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