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Random thoughts at the end of the day

* Nice to have a day where I didn't need deodorant...

* Dinner tonight: homemade chili. Lunch for the next few days: homemade chili. (I like chili.)

* I've chuckled knowingly several times at Before Dishonor, Peter David's most recent Star Trek: TNG novel. I'm enjoying it, and enjoying being back in the Star Trek universe. And one particular Borg-related bit? I did NOT see that coming.

Plus I'm amused and gladdened that Picard and Dr. Crusher have finally gotten it on. ;-)

* Big emotion via the TV today: I've been dipping into bits here and there of The Lord of the Rings, which TNT's been showing in its theatrical entirety today. I "air-conducted" the score more than once; I got emotional more than once. In fact, I kept tuning in at emotional moments: the Ents marching through the destroyed forest in The Two Towers, the victory at Helm's Deep and Sam's "the important stories" speech later in that film, the lighting of the beacons in Return of the King, moments like that. I also got a little emotional, thanks to another channel, at the climax of the second X-Men film (at which I thought to myself, "That's Jean Grey's Kobayashi Maru moment").

* There. Soon the thoughts I'll be thinking will be dream-thoughts. I hope the same for the rest of you.
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