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Ending on a Good Note

Semi-annoying day, in that my body seemed to be thinking about maybe possibly sort of getting sick. So I wasn't 100% today, though I managed to muddle through the workday. And since heading home, good stuff's happened:

-- I had a good chat with two neighbors; they were impressed with the story of my escaping the hell away from my last home and moving to this building.

-- My friend Tarah's Christmas card arrived, including a photo of her and her husband John smiling on the top of a mountain. (Which mountain? I've just e-mailed her to find out. And she keeps weird enough hours that she might be awake, now, a quarter 'til midnight in Virginia...) Updatery! Tarah and John were in British Columbia when that picture was taken.

-- I had orange juice. And orange juice. Followed by orange juice. Sweet, soothing, and Vitamin C-megadosing: all good! That and chicken noodle soup, the acme of comfort foods for me.

-- I got confirmation that on Sunday I'll get to see my cousin Steph, her fun and worthy husband Paul, and their 14-month-old daughter Eloisa. In the Columbia Gorge. Good people in a good place...

-- I talked on the phone for nearly 90 minutes with rafaela and her significant other slipjig. This couple? They're very easy to talk to and listen to.

-- My brother T.J. informed me that my package of Christmas gifts for him and his family arrived, two days after I'd mailed it, and that their gift to me is on its way to me. Woo hoo! My other packages should be reaching their recipients!

So. A nice dose of good to close out the day.
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