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This is important.

I would appreciate it if you read this post at projectdownload, the online fundraising project I've been able to give some support.

I would also appreciate it if you download, once a day if possible, one of the four parts to the Movies in Fifteen Minutes parody of The Golden Compass, to keep increasing the number of downloads that Project Erin/Project Download has accumulated.

redscorner, the woman for whom this effort is going, is regrouping after experiencing a phenomonally crappy day. Some of the details of her day are at the first link (long story short, one of two hospitals that had been working with her is no longer working with her). Also at that link are people posting with ideas for how Erin might regroup and move on from there. (cleolinda, through whom I first learned of Erin and Project Download, explains this all far more succinctly in her own post.)

If you've been using the "Project Erin" button I've included in entries of late, stop using that and, again, check out the Golden Compass parody. Thank you.

And keep Erin in your thoughts, if you could.
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