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Happily covered in dog fur

I got to carry a dog today!

My parents and I headed up through the rainy Columbia River Gorge to visit a bunch of our family members (on my mom's side) in White Salmon: an aunt, an uncle, two cousins, one cousin's husband, their 14-month old daughter, and a two-year-old all-white toy Eskimo named Jasmine. Cute dog, calm (mostly) dog, and dog who looooooooves being carried. Which I did. She rewarded me with licking my face and ears.

We hung out, told stories, talked hospitals (the "cousin's husband" I mentioned is a nurse in training), ate thick nachos, enjoyed some wine and eggnog (not at the same time), watched some football, and even danced for the 14-month-old. She liked my dancing.

And now I'm home. I have Christmas gifts to wrap, a partial workday tomorrow to prepare for, and more Christmas family visiting to look forward to (much of my dad's side of the family will be in Dundee on Tuesday).

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