Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Plunging into Paid...

Hi. Advice, please and thank you:

I've been pondering finally upgrading to a Paid LiveJournal Account -- via manual payment and (I hope) PayPal so SUP's less likely to get my credit card info! -- and I'd like to know if the image-hosting LJ offers is good, or at least decent, and not LO AN ABOMINATION UPON THESE INTERNETS or something else bad. And is the image-hosting fairly user-friendly, so that a not-too-technical person like me can make it work well?

For technical and philosophical reasons -- yes I ponder this stuff -- I won't upgrade to a "sponsored" account (nor will I call it "Plus"; it was "Sponsored" at first, that's what it really is, and thus it shall always be called thus by me), so it's either Paid or Basic for this user. (The technical reason: IT CRASHES MY BROWSER if I try to go into a sponsored LJ account on my home computer. The philosophical reason: I try to avoid most ads anyway.) And I can swing the 25 bucks a year.

If you have paid account-related wisdom, I'd like to hear that, too. (No hazing happens when joining paidmembers, right?) And can I pay via PayPal? Oh, and another question: Do paid-account members indeed avoid seeing ads on other peoples' LJs?

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